Marketing Videos

HalterMedia works with clients every day to create clear and concise messaging. Our team is often asked  ‘How do we get our story out there in 60 seconds or less?’  The quick answer is a quality branding or marketing video.

Considering A Marketing Video For Your Company or Organization? 

  • Our main approach is documentary-style promotional videos – what better way to communicate directly to your clients than by speaking directly to them.
  • We always look at bringing together clear messaging in a visual way – how do we get footage that shares your message, how can we best represent you and your team?
  • We produce a wide variety and styles of videos that are used on websites, social, and TV. Everything from 15-second pre-rolls, to expanded 3-minute stories, to how-tos and instructional videos.
  • Our approach is flexible and is ultimately determined by the client. Do you have a script and storyboard and just need a crew to bring it to life? We can help. Do you only have the seed of an idea and don’t know where to go next? Not a problem, we can help with that too.

HalterMedia works with a variety of clients; national non-profits, international for-profits, local charities and small family-owned businesses. Our goal is to shed light and ultimately share the stories that make these organizations unique and fantastic!

Marketing Video Client Showcase

City Of Regina employee in Marketing Video
couple in la-cite video


Full Video Production

Post Production

Live Streaming